Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spencer Hastings : Get The Look

Hey guys!

So, if you're anything like me then you've got to be dying over this season of Pretty Little Liars, and weather or not you're a fan of the show there are many different looks that I've grown to love. One of my favorite characters is Spencer Hastings, her style in general is very sophisticated yet, comfortable which I really identify with. I'll take you guys through three of my favorite Spencer looks and show you how to make this look all your own!

Casual: This look is something I could see myself wearing to school on a normal day and can be put together        with pieces you probably already have hidden in your closet! I would but start by layering a lace peplum top with a dark blazer and use dark jeans to pull the look together. Then I would wear a pair of neutral flats and finish with a mid sized pendent necklace.
            Spencer Hastings

Glam: Most of Spencer's is based on mainly neutral colors with an occasional P.O.C (pop of color) so here's a few examples of how Spencer would style for even the most glam occasions.

Here Spencer uses the mainly neutral dress which is then made more casual with black cardigan and adds a P.O.C with the accentuating gold belt.

In this look Spencer wears a similar style dress although without the casual cardigan. I love the accent necklace's in this look and are a great way to kick up the style of the dress and give extra flare to the look!

Signature: Like I've previously mentioned, Spencer's style is mainly focused on neutrals so here are a few examples of how you can find your signature style just like Spencer's.

 These pieces are all pulled together by the tan and cream color combinations but accents can be found in the red ring and the gold earings. This is a great look that is easily versatile and could be worn to many different places.

All of the pieces in this collection are based off of the same  colors but can be used interchangeably to create a variety of different looks.

Last but not least! One of my favorite of the Spencer Hastings looks, this one shows off the neutral balance and the P.O.C found in the bold blue blazer.

So let us know who your favorite PLL girl is and who's got your favorite style!

-A ;)


  1. I've never watched pretty little liars but this girl has style!

    1. Its a great show! All of the girls have really awesome style :)

  2. I've never seen the show but I have loved some of her red carpet looks, especially the dress she wore with the birds on it (here) I WANT IT!!

    1. That is such a cute dress! I love that look

  3. I looove Pretty Little Liars & Spencer! You picked some lovely things! I love that tan shirt! :) x Laura

  4. I stopped watching Pretty Little Liars a while ago, but I always loved what the girls wore! All of the looks here are prefect!

  5. I like PLL and style of girls ;) But I don't like much Spencer ;P

  6. great post! so lovely! :))
    anyway, i have an on-going international giveaway on my blog! i hope you can check it out and join if you haven't yet because I would love you to win!

    Rae ^^)


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