Sunday, March 17, 2013

Healthy Haircare

Hello Lovelies,

So I have had the Big Sexy Hair's Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner  for some time now but I wanted that make sure I really loved  it before I did a review for you guys but let me just say, I am in love with this product!!  I got this deep conditioner at Ulta a few months ago, it was a bit more expensive than most of my other products but still wasn't over the top. At first I didn't really use it very often but recently I have used it almost every night. Since I spend a ton of time in the pool my hair tends to get pretty gross and this product weather you have damage from the pool (like me!) or from styling tools this leave in conditioner helps to heal and restore my hair leaving it soft and workable.

After I take a shower at night I will brush out my hair with a wide tooth comb and then spray the conditioner throughout my hair working it product through with my fingers to make sure it gets spread throughout all of my hair.

Then I let my hair air dry and in the morning when I wake up my hair will be soft, and tangle free. If  however you are looking for textured hair than I wouldn't recommend this product but it is a great leave in conditioner that will leave hair smooth shiny and super touchable!


  1. Haha just the name of the product already gives high hopes! Great that it not only has the name but really helps!

  2. This product sounds really good! I have a terrible problem with my hair (or had, things are getting better)as my hairdresser literally burnt them! I have tried so many different products, but they didn't work out! Need to give this one a try for sure!

    1. Awh I'm sorry to hear that! I hope this one helps :)


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