Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Layout & More!

Hello sunshine! :3

So you might've noticed there have have been a couple changes to our blog! First off, the layout is COMPLETELY different!  We did love the bows, but that theme wouldn't allow us to put in 3 columns which started becoming a problem when we added more gadgets!  Here everything we've changed....

  • Background! (If you have any suggestions about it, please tell us!)
  • "Profile Picture" (The last one was really old!)
  • "About Us" description
  • Social network links! (We made a facebook page! Go and like it if you please :))
  • Page tabs at the top of the site to separate our beauty, fashion, and every posts
  • A chat box! (Personal favorite addition. We can talk to you guys without you having to comment on posts! Pleaaase let us know if you have any requests, suggestions, or helpful feedback! Or if you just wanna say hi c:)
  • Members button! (Now we can become blog friends and follow each others blogs!)
  • Finally, our favicon! It's now an adorable pink bow! <3
Welll, we just wanted to give you a quick layout update so there's no confusion!  We love blogging for you guys, so thank you SO much for reading our blog!  It means a ton to us and we get so excited to see comments and views! You're all such lovely people <3

More posts coming up soooon! *happy dance*

Lilly and Rae

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Lilly and Rae

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