Monday, March 11, 2013

Lovely Lilac

Hey beauties!

So spring has sprung here and I personally can not wait to get started on trying out this years most delightful new spring trends! Now most spring trends are pretty generic, florals,  high-lows, cute sandals etc. But this year one trend that has really caught my eye is Lilac! Now there have been many different ways that this has come up recently so here's a few of my favorites :)

Here's an outfit I've put together on one of my favorite websites, . This outfit is one of my favorites because of the way the pieces pull themselves together. I love that the skirt plays with the flowers on the shirt and balance with the gold necklace and shoes!

Another way that I've seen lilac is in the new Essie collection! This is one of our absolute favorite nail polish brands and I was so thrilled when I saw this shade in their spring line. The name of this color is Bond With Whomever and can be found at most local drug stores, Targets and other retailers.

Finally one of my favorite ways to use this spring time favorite is through accessories! These light lavender oxfords match perfectly with the light cross body. I've picked these because I love finding ways to pull new trends into things that I already love such as oxfords and cross bodies! Now there are many ways you would be able to use these awesome pieces every day but here is one of the ensembles that I found the best accentuates these pieces. 

So let us know what your favorite new spring trends are in the comments below!

Xoxo Lilly

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  1. lovely outfits! I love lilac, it's the perfect colour for Spring! :)



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