Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Single On Valentine's Day? Not A Problem!

Hey loves!

So as you all know, Valentines Day is tomorrow!  You may not have a special someone to share it with, but I assure you, you can have just as fabulous a day on your own or with a couple girl friends!  Here are a couple ideas for you! ;*
1.   A super fun and girly idea is treating yourself to an at-home spa day!  There are hundreds of different DIY face mask recipes you can find on Pinterest of Google! Paint your nails too while you're at it!  (If you'd like, I could do a post on some of my favorite masks :))  You can either do this with a couple of girlfriends or on your own, which can be just as fun!

                      outdoor movie nights
 2.   Even though this picture is outside, you can create a very similar set up in your basement or bedroom!  Movie nights are sooo fun and there are so many different themes you can have!  You can watch some romantic films in honor of vday like The Notebook, you could watch some classic chick flicks like Mean Girls or A Cinderella Story, you can have a classic Disney movie marathon and watch all of your favorite princess movies, or you could watch some Audrey Hepburn classics like Breakfast At Tiffany's or Sabrina!  Whatever you decide, movie nights are a great way to have a spectacular night!  Once again, you can do this on your own, or with some girl friends! :)

                                         Valentines Cookie Stacks from @bigbearswife

3.  If you're feeling creative, go ahead and make yourself some valentine-themed treats!  I found this picture on Pinterest and it's such a cute and simple idea!  All you need if your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (you can do any type of cookie you'd like!), you can make your own frosting or you can buy some from the grocery store, and last but not least, you'll need some adorable heart sprinkles!

                                       Pink Bubble Bath

4.   Take a bubble bath!  Luscious, pink bubbles are the best way to go.  Settle down in clouds of pink with a good book and take a couple moments to forget everything else and just relax.

I hope you enjoyed these fun Valentine's Day ideas and I wish you all the very best holiday!


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