Monday, November 5, 2012

Quick Disclaimer

Hey guys!

So before I start posting I just wanted to say a few things. Lilly and I are far from perfect! What we post won’t magically turn you into a perfectly gorgeous person, but it’ll only enhance the wonderful features you already have! That’s the whole point of makeup and clothes, isn’t it? I know it’s totally cliche, but each of you should know that beauty isn’t effected by how well your hair and makeup are done or how expensive your clothes are. Those things may make you pretty, but true beauty is made up of your own quirky personality, a REAL smile that brings joy to others, a kind, loving heart and many other great traits. Someone may be the prettiest person in the world, but if they don’t have a beautiful heart then their outer appearance means nothing. I know it can be hard to remember to be kind to others, but nobody’s perfect and if you’re trying that’s all that matters! Now that I’ve written a novel, I hope you guys get my point! Hopefully I’ll get some real posts up soon!


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