Monday, November 5, 2012

My Everyday Makeup Bag

Hey Beauties!

So this is going to be a quick look into the items that I bring to school with me every day. I'll start with the products that I use every day and then finish with some of the products that vary depending on the day. Here we go....

First off I have a pocket mirror, this one I picked up from Forever 21


Next I have lipbalms, one is the EOS lip balm in mint and a CoBigelow lipbalm in mentha from Bath and Body Works.


Next I have hair ties and bobby pins, I always gravitate toward buying ties and pins that match my natural hair color (dark brown) but any color, size, or shape will work


The next thing that I keep with me are band-aids! I picked up some super cute ones from Forever 21 and threw them in my bag


The next thing I keep with me is a Creamy Pumpkin hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works, I always try to have a Pocketbac with me but it usually varies from season to season and since its Fall right now this one is perfect!


The next thing that I keep with me are Tea Tree Blotting Tissues from The Body Shop. I generally use these after Lunch since its the middle of the day and its a great way to refresh for my afternoon classes!

The next thing that I keep with me is a Covergirl Pressed Powder that is perfect for touch ups


The next item that I keep is a Revlon Photo Ready cover up

The next thing that I have is an automatic eyeliner from Ulta. The color that I prefer to use is black, but Ulta has many colors and all in all this is one of my favorite non liquid liners.

The next thing that I keep in my bag is L'Oreal's Voluminous Million Lashes.


The next thing that I keep in my bag usually changes every day, however my 'every day' look usually includes either a Wet n Wild trio in 'Walking On Eggshells' of a Revlon quad in 'Addictive'

                           'Walking On Eggshells'                                         'Addictive'

The last thing that I keep in my bag also changes day to day but one of the ones that I've been keeping with me recently is a lip gloss tube from Bath and Body Works called 'All I Want Is Your Peppermint Hug' it's a seasonal lip gloss but since we're in the holiday season I've been using it like crazy.


So that's what I keep in my bag with me, nothing to out of the ordinary but just the things that I can pull out between classes to touch up my make up!

XOXO Lilly

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