Saturday, April 27, 2013

What's In My Purse!

Hey Beauties!

When I first started getting into watching videos on you tube and checking out peoples blogs one of my favorite videos to see were the What's In My Purse entries. So I thought that I would share with you guys what I keep in my purse on a day to day basis.

So first things first my actual bag I got from Forever 21 while in Florida last summer and I have pretty much been using it ever since! I love that it's deep and can carry everything I need without being gigantic. The neutral cream and brown leather go with pretty much any outfit I could possibly think of and the purse itself came with a long handle that I use sometimes when I need free hands and could use a cross body. 

These are the things that I keep in the front zipper pocket, I like having a bunch of mechanical pencils and pens and highlighters right up front so I can easily grab them. I also keep my keys in this pocket because I hate standing in my doorway freezing searching in the bottom of my bag for keys, so I keep them here so I can grab them when I need them. Lastly I have my favorite lip balm, it is the Kehils #1 Lip Balm and I love that when I first put it on it feels like it restores any cracks or dry spots in my lips without being to sticky. 

The next group of things I have are the things that I keep in the larger part of my purse. First I have my sunglasses and their case, I just recently got these glasses from Forever 21, they are the cutest pair of cat-eye sunglasses and I am crazy in love with them! Next is my Phone and my I-pod, both are pretty old but I love them and couldn't imagine leaving the house without either one. Then I have my black studded wallet which I also just recently got from Forever 21, it is a small studded clutch/wallet but it is the perfect size and matches the rest of my things. Lastly I have my Mint-Eucalyptus hand cream from Bath and Body Works, I keep this stuff on hand because it has crazy stress re-leaving powers, any time I'm at school or out and about and get super stressed out I put a little of this on and I'm good to go!

Finally I have the things that I keep in my make-up bag. My make-up bag right now is just a small brown Lancome bag. Some of the things that I keep in here are a stain stick that I got from target, small mini nail files from Tweezerman, a mini hand mirror from Forever 21, Ulta eye liner, hair ties, bobby pins, a lace headband from Claire's, pumpkin scented hand sanitizer, Cashmere Glow hand lotion from Bath and Body Works, tea tree oil face blotting paper, and finally lip products. Apart from my Kehils lip balm I have a Mentha Mint lip gloss from Bath and Body Works, and sheer pink Revlon Lip Butter, an Ulta trial size lip gloss and my Charolette Ronson lip stick and stain. 

So these are all of the things that I keep in my purse! Comment below telling us what you think or send us a link to the things that you keep in your purse! 

Xoxo Lilly <3


  1. I love watching What's in My Purse on Youtube too. I have no idea what it is that makes this kind of videos very interesting. Anyway, this is a very interesting post. Keep up the good work :) xx

  2. Thanks so much! Glad you liked it :)

  3. You carry a lot of pens, I usually have one if I'm lucky ;)

  4. the glasses in the last picture are gorgeous! I've followed you, cant wait to see more :) Im new to blogging but take a look at my page and follow back if you want :)


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