Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Manicure Mania!

Hey lovelies,

Since its spring, or almost spring, and trends are changing but one of the best most over looked accessories of spring is a nice manicure. I've been online scouring my favorite sites and I've pulled together some of my favorite spring trends in nail manicures!

One of the best things about spring is floral and a cute floral manicure can be a quick easy way to add a pop of floral to your outfit

The next style is one of my personal favorites because weather you're spending the day at the beach or running around a city this manicure helps to always keep a little bit of the ocean with you

Pop Of Sparkle:
The final trend that I love during spring is adding a hint of a bright silver or gold to a normally single toned polish.

So send us your pic of your favorite spring time manicure and let us know what your favorite spring nail trends are!

Xoxo Lilly


  1. This is so great! Especially the floral and nautical! Xx

  2. Thanks! Those are my favorites too :)

  3. love love love all these nail ideas! And you blog - followed you!
    Maybe check mine out?

    classandglitter.blogspot.com x

  4. im in LOVE with the nautical design ! <3



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