Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beautiful Boutique

Hey beauties!!

Hey ladies, so its probably spring for most of you, but sadly it's still warming up here, and spring style means new trends and new adventures in where you shop! For me personally spring is my favorite time to hit up cute local boutiques.

 I have been visiting some family in Minnesota over Spring Break and while we we're in town we went to the Mall Of America, and it was everything you would want the largest mall in the country to be.  I visited a ton of different stores but one of the stores that I fell in love with was Lola. Lola is associated with BCBG and has locations in Minnesota, Puerto Rico, Nevada, Flordia, Texas, and California. The clothes at Lola had a similar feel to Forever 21 but were slightly more expensive. There was everything from cute tanks and dresses, to light airy scarves, to beautiful prom like dresses. You can find out more about this line by liking them on FacebookTumblr, or their website, www.lola.com.

Another boutique I am currently obsessed with is Francesca's  There is one at my local mall and they also have many other locations across the county. This boutique is filled with unique dresses, beautiful sweaters and some of the coolest accessories. I love shopping here because they rarely have to many of the same piece so there is less of a risk of having the same outfit as everyone at school which tends to happen when I buy popular pieces from larger chain stores. So check out their website www.francescas.com and let me know what your favorite pieces from their spring collection are!

So next time you're walking through the mall stop into one of the cute storefronts and find something for spring! Tell us which boutiques you love and your favorite boutique finds. 

Xoxo Lilly

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